Situated in Sohland an der Spree, the company is the largest fruit processing plant in Saxony and one of the leading food additives and consumer goods companies in the fruit segment. What sounds like good flavor and enjoyment is still a tough competition for ratings and the place on the shelf, a fight against declining prices and a battle for changing consumer tastes.
During its company history the company made its mark in the field of fruit processing developing high quality consumer products and innovative food ingredients. Today, the development of new and innovative „food solutions“ bases on those skills acquired in the consumer goods sector as well as in industrial goods sector
Consumer products (retail, HORECA, PL): jams, fruit juices, vegetable juices, children juices, tinned food
Food Ingredients: fruit preparation, savory preparation, salad preparations, glazing agents, antisticking agents, juice concentrates, fruit purées, cereals, flavors.

Applications: dairy industries (yogurts, yogurt desserts, soft and hard cheeses, cream cheese, analogue cheese), salad industries, ice cream industries, pastry, bakery and confectionery industries, beverages, juices, soft drinks and alcohol drinks industries.

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