MEGGLE Food Systems & Solutions more than 50 years of experience in the food ingredients market develops and sells functional compounds and solutions for the global food industry. The milk-based and whey-based products are used in a broad range of foods. Thanks to its expertise in the industry, it can help its customers to develop and produce their own food innovations.
The products: dairy, meat and delicatessen stabilizing systems, functional compounds, whipping agents, fat powders, coffee creamers and cappuccino foamers, caseins and caseinates.
Application: dairies, meat and sausages, pastry, bakery processed cheese, salads and sauses.
The products are conformed to the relevant legal requirements of the EU and Germany in the currently valid version. Our production complies the relevant legal hygiene requirements. An HACCP system is installed.
• IFS – International Food Standard
• Halal-Certification
• Kosher-Certification
• RSPO – Supply Chain Certification

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